Eyes Wide Open

Written by: Mohsin Kazmi

It has always been a personal goal of mine to see every rainforest eco-system this incredible planet has to offer. I set out on this journey at the age of 18 as a student who had very few assumptions on what he would see. The first of a long list of of pristine, yet threatened habitats was the Montane Rainforests of Eastern Madagascar. Needless to say, my 5-week stay in one of the more specialized and unique ecosystems of the world was life changing. From that point on, I knew I was going to see every lush, green, battle-scared and exploited rainforest–even if I had to hitchhike clear across the globe.

Without hesitation or equivocation I seized the opportunity to visit the next rainforest on my list—The Peruvian Amazon—for reasons still unbeknownst to me, I didn’t leave. Since my first trip to the Amazon, I continue to return to this mysterious corner of the world to learn all of its secrets and photograph its treasures both large and small. It is here where I honed in on my passion of photography. It is here where I realized that my images could make a difference by showing people a window into a world they may have never known. My goal as a conservation photographer is to approach every obstacle of conservation in the most empathetic of ways. I hope to share many more pictures with you as we continue this journey together.

However, today let’s focus on the beauty of the Amazon with ten of the most important lessons I learned while spending time in Mother Nature’s playground.

  • Be prepared to learn, the Amazon is a classroom
  • Sometimes the most dramatic soap opera  can take place right beneath your feet
  • Color is everywhere
  • The Amazon is constantly moving
  • You are not above the ecosystem
  • Light is a gift that you should accept graciously 
  • Good people live here
  • It’s important to get out of your comfort zone
  • Patience is an invaluable asset